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Welcome! For your convenience, the Seneca shield is your direct connection to Seneca's Home Page, Media Center, etc. ENJOY!


FIRST AND FOREMOST...THE IMPORTANT INFO. "What are we doing today, Mrs. Brinkmann???" The link below features ALL of Mrs. Brinkmann's class calendars. You will be able to track assignments, tests, homework and more!


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The pages of this website feature information such as schedules, assignment links, research sources and website links, gradebook links (by password, of course), and contact information for Mrs. Brinkmann.  Take a look's all here!

More Online Classroom Information

ATTENTION PARENTS!  For more information about The Online Classroom, meet me at Back To School Night.  I'll show you what we do, answer questions about the program, and take you through a brief orientation.  Please feel free to contact me any time about our program or with any other questions or concerns regarding your son or daughter!

Access Student Grades

Please use the following link to view student grades.  NOTE:  The grade information is secure and will require a password in order to gain access.  Your child has been given his/her password. Please contact me via e-mail at if you have any problems accessing the grades.